Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award

Named for CoSA's first executive director, the Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award recognizes the sustained leadership and outstanding contributions of an individual or institution to the development of state and territorial archives or to CoSA. Criteria include:

  • Creatively and effectively meeting challenges and opportunities,
  • Demonstrating collaborative and innovative approaches,
  • Serving its constituency in an exemplary way, and
  • Exceeding normal expectations as a model for others.

The recipient will receive a custom-designed award.

Nomination Packet

Nominations must consist of the following, submitted as a single pdf file:

  1. Awards Program Nomination Form
  2. Brief Bio (up to one page) addressing the accomplishments and ongoing work of the nominee. Include any CoSA-related involvement.
  3. Letter of Support from one person (CoSA member or other) familiar with the nominee’s work.
  4. Supporting materials (optional) could include nominee’s resume or fuller biography; illustrations of work products or promotional materials; press releases; or other materials. All such additional should be carefully selected and be directly related to the nomination.

Nomination & Selection

  • Any organization or individual is invited to nominate person(s), organization(s), or program(s) for any of CoSA’s awards.
  • Nomination of oneself or one’s organization is permissible and encouraged.
  • All nominations are submitted via email, combining the nomination form and additional materials into a single pdf.
  • An Awards Committee, appointed by the CoSA president and chaired by the CoSA Immediate Past President, will review the nominations and select the recipients.
  • The number of awards for each category is at the discretion of the Awards Committee, and they reserve the right to make no awards.
  • Award recipients will be announced by May 9, 2023 with presentation of the awards taking place at the CoSA Annual Meeting.

Any questions may be directed to

2023 Nominations, Selection & Presentation Schedule

April 4, 2023: Deadline for nominations - Midnight Eastern Time

May 9, 2023: Notification of award recipients

July 2023: Awards presented at CoSA Annual Meeting

Award Recipients

Allen Ramsey and Ashley Selima
2023 Victoria Irons Walch Leadership Award Recipients


  • Ashley Selima, Rhode Island State Archivist and Public Records Administrator
  • Allen Ramsey, Assistant State Archivist at the Connecticut State Library


  • Barbara Teague, Kentucky State Archives and CoSA (retired)


  • Matt Veatch, Kansas State Archivist (retired)


  • David W. Carmicheal, Pennsylvania State Archivist


  • Anne W. Ackerson


  • Dr. Lisa Speer


  • Emily Oland Squires


  • Kathleen D. Roe


  • Julia Marks Young


  • Christine W. Ward


  • Victoria Irons Walch