SERI STEER Unconference

The Council of State Archivists’ State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) hosted the first annual virtual Unconference, SERI STEER (State & Territory Excellence in Electronic Records) on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

The 2023 Unconference featured attendee-led discussions on current aspects of managing electronic records in state and territorial archives, with tracks for Records Management, Appraisal and Description, and Digitization and Access, as well as a “capstone” discussion on the challenges of email and the COSA PREPARE Grant.


12:30-12:45: Opening Session
12:50-2:00: Track Session Discussion 1
2:00-2:15: Break
2:15-3:10: Track Session Discussion 2
3:15-4:10: Email Management and the PREPARE Grant
4:15-4:30: Final Thoughts and Recap

Thank You to Our SERI Sponsor

SERI STEER Unconference Materials

  • Detailed notes compiled during the breakout discussions that include links to several projects and resources. #STEERUnconferenceMaterials