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Information and documentation - managing metadata for records - Part 2: Conceptual and implementation issues 

05-26-2021 10:53 AM

ISO/TS 23081-2:2009 establishes a framework for defining metadata elements consistent with the principles and implementation considerations outlined in ISO 23081-1:2006. The purpose of this framework is to: enable standardized description of records and critical contextual entities for records; provide common understanding of fixed points of aggregation to enable interoperability of records, and information relevant to records, between organizational systems; and enable re-use and standardization of metadata for managing records over time, space, and across applications.

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Formal Name/Title (ISO, ANSI): ISO 23081-2:2009

Standards Creating / Publishing Body: ISO

Date of Creation: 2007

Date of Latest Revision: 2009

Cost: 120

Current Version (Color, Name, Number): ISO 23081-2:2009

Date Resource Added/Modified: October 20, 2015


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